For over 50 years SACCARDO has been designing and manufacturing motors and electro-spindles for the natural stone, wood, glass, ceramic, polymer and light metals sectors, not only with standard products but also studying and making custom solutions to support the customer’s needs and specifications, as it allows the machine manufacturer’s satisfaction and consequently the final user’s one, who, as an artist, transforms the material into an artistical work.
Saccardo offers a wide complete range of three-phase asynchronous motors and high-speed electro-spindles with automatic or manual rapid tool change, air or liquid cooled.


Saccardo company believes in a team approach to customer’s needs, applying methods and tools allowing to find out the best team solutions to shared problems, in other words in the importance of the customers’ involvement at any level, collaborating and participating with them in the products supplying dynamics, from the study to the realization and final delivery.

“If our customer has a problem,
we have a problem!”

The benefits will extend to the final customer, increasing his sense of satisfaction.
Hence the birth of a team of dynamic professionals who, focusing on the needs and ideas of their clients, confront themselves with the development of customized products, adding a clear and shared value.

Lightness and compactness have been the two key words that have driven our team, supported by technical skills and important investments, to innovate the products that have contributed to the success of our brand, creating a new line of electro-spindles for cutting and milling, with the aim of combining current and modern design with advanced technical solutions.
The study has been oriented to the analysis and research of:

  • lighter materials but with enhanced mechanical features, increased tensile strength and corrosion resistance, allowing to maintain the strength but, at the same time, lightening the product.
  • geometries that allow the homogeneous distribution of air, without dispersion, in order to optimize the cooling and consequently obtain a greater efficiency in a more compact product.

All this guaranteeing a complete interchangeability with the previous models.


The innovative SBE case has a unique and modern design, to increase efficiency and protection with an elegant “made in Italy” style.