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Until yesterday, the origin of the design was aimed at the solutions of specific problems and requests, forgetting two important factors for the results: the need for an integrated design and the ability to recognize that the final users are first and foremost the “Customers”.
The global market crisis of the last decade has undoubtedly brought about radical changes in some types of processing, with the introduction of new processes, such as in the glass and ceramics sector, as well as marble, making clear that the best technologies and the best designs are useless if not based on the real needs of the user; hence the birth of participatory design, that’s co-design.
Co-design in which Mr. Renato Buizza, Saccardo’s company Business Development Manager, has directly involved the project team in the creation of the products, through different methods and steps in the design.
The customer’s needs are analyzed from the product final user point of view or by those who have commissioned the product and not only by the technicians involved in the design. This means involvement and creativity, which represent the innovation in Saccardo’s company, together with the new testing, assembly and control rooms, as well as the complete renovation of the technical staff, who has introduced the new operative concept: the final user experience in co-design.
Shortly, co-design is an operating cycle where analysis, definition, design, development, prototyping and testing bring to a strong involvement of all operational persons, from design to production. This leads to tangible results, because they make the processes leaner and faster, allowing greater competitiveness on the market, but above all, the products created through co-design outline a new way of doing business and to relate with customers, who become Saccardo’s company partner.