New Vicenza headquartes Saccardo motors and electro spindles New Vicenza headquartes Saccardo motors and electro spindles New Vicenza headquartes Saccardo motors and electro spindles New Vicenza headquartes Saccardo motors and electro spindles New Vicenza headquartes Saccardo motors and electro spindles New Vicenza headquartes Saccardo motors and electro spindles

“Research, analysis, definition, conception, development and testing, for an optimized, flexible and responsible production process, capable of giving life to the products, conceived respecting the defined technical characteristics but also the needs of customer’s timeliness and punctuality”


Our history begins in 1958 with the foundation of “Fratelli Saccardo” as a manufacturer of electric motors.
In the following years, we launched the first prototypes of Saccardo MB flat motors as per our own exclusive design. Saccardo MB motors met a large market success, our portfolio expanded with new series such as our Saccardo AN, SC and SM series.

Saccardo takes a leadership in manufacturing and marketing flat electric motors.
Over the years, Saccardo MB flat electric motors evolve first into our SBC motor range and, in 2018, into our market leader, the SBE motor range, which incorporates innovative materials, ingenious technological solutions and a fully Italian design.

In order to meet a growing demand and focussing on technological innovation and accuracy, Saccardo invested in our brand-new headquarters and manufacturing plant in Schio (Italy): new workshops are equipped with the latest CNC machining centres; assembly lines are extended; new laboratories are equipped to perform electrical, mechanical and dimensional tests.
Saccardo R&D Department continuously works on the evolution of our range of electro-spindles, not only for applications related to stone processing – a market where Saccardo is a world-renowned leader – but also for the processing of other materials such as ceramics, wood, glass, composites and light metals.

Saccardo excels in defining specific market needs and in cooperating with customers in designing customised solutions to meet these needs. International customers and market operators are fully assisted by our team of sales specialists, front office operators and service & assistance managers.


The productive part is subdivided into 6 departments: mechanical, electrical, assembly and testing, subdivided among motors and electro-spindles, packaging and shipping.

The warehouse is developed centrally in departments, so that everybody can have at his disposal components and raw materials that can be quickly and easily found.
The administrative and commercial offices are intercommunicating, to guarantee a fast information flow.
The technical sector, on the other hand, is in close contact with the production and testing department.
Beside is the R&D room, where motors and electro-spindles mechanical and electrical tests take place, as well as the study of prototypes.

The whole is coordinated and planned in the manager main room, this ensures intercommunication fluidity among departments and decision-making immediacy upon strategies to be adopted.


Specialized technology at the right price.
A professional team motivated to continuous improvement.

New Vicenza headquartes Saccardo motors and electro spindles


People and resources are dedicated to the continuous study upon technological innovations, to enhance the products performances and to create new ones, more to optimize the production processes.
The company’s internal staff is constantly updated on new software and technologies, including through specific courses, to make available to the customers the optimization of the existing products or to match the need of new ones with custom solutions or intended for new applications.