We have designed and manufactured an insert called “EASYSPIN” to apply to the shaft, becoming an integral part of it.

The double-threaded insert allows the use of both (right or left) tools, giving the following advantages:

  • Easier market tools finding
  • More flexible and lower costing tools warehouse
  • Electro-spindles stock reduction
  • Both clockwise and counter-clockwise electro-spindle rotation directions are possible

EASYSPIN allows an easier and cheaper electro-spindles maintenance as in case of nut thread worn or damaged, it will no longer be necessary to replace the full shaf but just the insert. The replacement is simple and can be done directly by the final customer, without removing the electro-spindle from the machine and without calling external technician. The resulting machine downtime will be reduced.


Our project manager Eng. Marco Povolo is available for further technical clarification and information:

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