New Vicenza headquartes Saccardo motors and electro spindles


Saccardo GCF S.r.l.u designs and manufactures electric motors and electro-spindles for machine tools.

The property wants to continue to carry on the tradition that, through passion and dedication to the work of the founder Mr. Saccardo, has led to a consolidated and prosperous company that bases its success on customer satisfaction understood as wanting to provide a full service and not only a product.
Saccardo in fact, aims to create partnerships and co-design with its customers so as to become a leader not only with the supply of products that satisfy users’ requests, but also with the creation of a complete and quality service from the moment of development of an idea/need to an efficient after-sales service that does not forget the customer after his purchase.
Il tutto nel rispetto delle leggi applicabili ai propri prodotti e servizi in termini di sicurezza ed ambiente.
All in compliance with the laws applicable to their products and services in terms of safety and the environment.

These commitments can be made if:

a. we program quality from the beginning:
both of product and work, management and communication processes
b. we check what we do:
we measure the actual results; we compare the foreseen with real behaviors
c. the improvement is constant:
we compare the results with the objectives we set ourselves observing the competition, the normative and technological evolution
d. the system is supported by the present guidelines, the summary and descriptive table of the processes and the written records:
the documentation of the QMS and the records represent the accumulated knowledge and the results obtained.

The general management of Saccardo GCF is committed to ensuring that this policy is widespread, communicated and understood within the organization, by the creation of file sharing areas and the use of the same multi-level IT program, in which more possible information flow and are available.

Organizational chart and QP are also hung on the bulletin board, so that they are also accessible to those who do not have access to informatic tools.
This policy is destined to be reviewed and updated according to the evolution of the results, the needs of the market, customers and collaborators, within the periodic management review.

Saccardo GCF Srl
Saccardo Francesca